Raging River Conservation Group
Posted on October 23, 2016

Quarry Update - October 23, 2016

DPER Periodic Review of Quarry

The Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER) is working on the final steps for their Periodic Review process for the currently permitted quarry. This review is a “super inspection” that reviews all the prior requirements including in the 8307 document located on our web site, plus all current code requirements. A huge thank you for your communications to Fred White at DPER and Kathy Lambert, King County Councilperson,about your quarry concerns. As part of the periodic review DPER will address about 180 letters and e-mails from all of you! In our most recent meeting with DPER officials they reported the draft report is in the review process with King County management including the attorney's office. We are not sure when this process will be complete. It was due by November 1, but may not be completed until later this year. We have a commitment that DPER officials will attend an informational meeting we set up shortly after the report is released.

Quarry Expansion Process

Recently the quarry management provided additional technical reports to DPER for review. DPER is now starting the analysis process which will eventually lead to a decision about the next step in their permit process. We will also review these documents and provide input to DPER. We will keep you up-to-date on any progress. Please visit our web site (www.ragingrivercg.org) for more information about the expansion permit.

What you can do:

Use your phone app and record noise level at various places.Our website outlines noise guidelines.

Take a walk on the Snoqualmie Preston trail up from Preston Fall City Road where you can see the quarry - take a noise sample there.

Then, send a message directly to Fred White at DPER (fred.white@kingcounty.gov) with a copy to RRCG (ragingrivercg@gmail.com) and describe your observations and issues. To assist you in writing your email to DPER: Please visit our website: www.ragingrivercg.org/quarry-compliance.html.

Feel it's time to get more involved in protecting our Raging River watershed?

Raging River Conservation Group is looking for members who are:

1. Activists who are interested in ensuring proposed land use actions and public policies are in the best interest of preserving and enhancing the Raging River watershed.
2. Stewards who are passionate about our watershed and all that it entails. Email us to join in on the fun! ragingrivercg@gmail.com

Additional information:

Please note the ANSWER from DPER regarding property issues:
24._The quarry operator shall be responsible for any damage to nearby properties, including domestic water supply wells, attributable to blasting on the subject property. Claims for any such damage shall be the responsibility of the affected property owner and the quarry operator to handle directly between themselves, but a failure of the quarry operator to respond in good faith to any such claim may be cause for denial of future grading permits, or prohibition or restriction upon future blasting.

The quarry mailing address is:
Raging River Quarry, LLC
3132 NE Harrison St.
Issaquah, WA 98029