Raging River Conservation Group

Protecting the Future of the Raging River Watershed

The current biggest threat to the watershed is a quarry located on the Preston-Fall City Road.

This threat is both the reopening of the existing quarry in 2015 and a proposed expansion of 26 additional acres. Possible impacts include:

  • Removal of existing forest and vegetation on the hillside above the Raging River.
  • Unknown risks to endangered Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Trout.
  • Increased noise, dust, truck traffic and consequences of blasting.

Our goals:

The Current Quarry operation should meet the current regulations

RRCG is working on many fronts

  • Standards: Push on DPER to update the 8307 requirements from 1997 to meet current standards wherever possible
  • Dust: Now must use water to reduce dust
  • Noise: Stop work due to violations; mitigations is process
  • Operating hours: Now 7am - 7pm
  • Roads and traffic
  • Enlist the support of the Fall City and surrounding communities to document current issues with the quarry and to inform DPER and King County re: these issues

It is critical to continue to monitor for compliance of all regulations. Even if the quarry meets a particular standard, we must be diligent to continue to monitor compliance. See compliance monitoring page on how to inform the RRCG of an issue.

Expansion Permit Request: Defeat request to expand

Focus on new EIS instead extending a 20 year old version

  • Were 12 houses, now 58 within ¼ mile
  • New Salmon recovery initiatives
  • Significantly expanded traffic on the same 2 lane road
  • Increased awareness of steep slopes issues and slide potential
  • Risk of catastrophic damage to Mitchell Hill aquifer
  • Alignment with KC Comprehensive Plan
  • Widespread public opposition to expansion

As we proceed through the expansion permit process, we will periodically ask our members to express your opinion on various topics and send communication to various King County Officials.