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Posted on December 19, 2017

2017 Successes and 2018 Plans

A big thank you for everything you've done this year! Your monetary support, and your ongoing letters and emails to King County and others have made a BIG difference!

If you haven't renewed your membership yet for 2018 (renewal letters went out but we probably missed some folks), or if you haven't joined us yet as a member, please consider a visiting our website's Donation page to make a $20 membership donation.

Membership says a lot about an organization. A solid and large membership speaks to the seriousness of the issues we are addressing. It represents a population of like-minded people in the community. This credibility has been very important when RRCG Board members have gone to speak to King County officials, whether it is the Permitting Department, or Council Members. It also shows our strength when we've gone to meet with countless other community groups to seek support or assistance.

Your membership contributions, additional donations, and support through our fundraisers go directly towards the work that supports our mission. We are an all volunteer group.

Our 2017 Successes

  • With regards to the Quarry Expansion: We were able to hire professional consultants in the areas of traffic, geotechnical, and wetlands.These consultants worked to critique and refute the findings of the consultants hired by the quarry.
  • These findings helped to put a hold the quarry's initial plan to expand into an additional 16 pristine acres of forest land along the Raging River.The Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER) gave them notice that their initial plan would not be approved without changes to “mitigate the probable significant environmental impacts to noise, Raging River fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, air quality, traffic and road infrastructure and land use & recreation”.
  • King County announced at the Fall City Town Hall Meeting in April 2017 that the quarry properties are now considered a “high target acquisition for the county”.
  • Conservations Futures of King County pledged an initial amount of money towards the purchase of the quarry properties.
  • We participated in the Fall City Stakeholder group led by the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, which focused on the process of land acquisition and management.

Plans for 2018 and beyond

  • Continue watchdog efforts over the current quarry operation, including hiring our existing consultants as needed to review the recent Periodic Review (released in September 2017) which outlines 51 conditions for the current quarry
  • Inform and educate the public regarding quarry operation “do's and don'ts” and where we can actively have our voices heard by the oversight agency, the Department of Permitting and Environmental Review
  • Through incident documentation and in-person meetings with King County, underscore the need to develop safer crossings of Preston-Fall City Road, in particular the crossing just south of the bridge over the Raging River
  • Provide input to King County regarding trail planning and trail improvements in the Raging River Watershed
  • Maintain ongoing conversations with King County officials regarding proposed conservation initiatives in the Raging River Watershed
  • Engage in the process of the Fall City Subarea plan, King County Comprehensive Plan
  • Recruit and expand Board membership to enable us to engage in conservation and other related projects in the Raging River Watershed

We are hopeful you will renew your membership. If you haven't become a member, it's only $20 for a year. Since RRCG is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your membership and additional contributions may be tax deductible.

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Thank you!
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Additional information:

Please note the ANSWER from DPER regarding property issues:
24._The quarry operator shall be responsible for any damage to nearby properties, including domestic water supply wells, attributable to blasting on the subject property. Claims for any such damage shall be the responsibility of the affected property owner and the quarry operator to handle directly between themselves, but a failure of the quarry operator to respond in good faith to any such claim may be cause for denial of future grading permits, or prohibition or restriction upon future blasting.

The quarry mailing address is:
Raging River Quarry, LLC
3132 NE Harrison St.
Issaquah, WA 98029