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Posted on August 20, 2016

Quarry Update - August 20, 2016

Quarry Update

DPER has started a Periodic Review process for the currently permitted quarry. This review is a “super inspection” that reviews all the "prior requirements" including in the 8307 document located on our web site plus all current code requirements. The end product is a report describing each requirement, findings (items that are an issue) and conclusions which will result in a collection of new operational requirements that the quarry must meet. This is a wonderful step because DPER will take a look at all requirements instead of one requirement at a time based on complaints. We are confident they will find a number of issues that will need to be addressed by the quarry prior to full operation.

Everyone that is a Party of Record will receive a copy of the Notice related to the Periodic Review by mail and we will post an official copy on our website. The Notice is required by King County Code 21A.22.050 and describes that the review will determine “if the site is operating consistent with the most current standards and to establish other conditions as necessary to mitigate identifiable environmental impacts”. The Notice states that all public comments must be submitted by September 12, 2016. The RRCG will send you a separate communication with guidance about your comments related to the Periodic Review soon after we meet with DPER about this topic.

This review should be completed by the end of September and we keep you posted on its progress.

What You Can Do:

  • Become a party of record which will result in receiving any official communication from DPER related to the quarry. Just send an e-mail to: fred.white@kingcounty.gov and request to be added to the Party of Record list for any Raging River Quarry notices.
  • Sign up on our website RagingRiverCG.org for updates
  • Become a member! RagingRiverCG.org/donate.html
  • Send the website link to your friends in Snoqualmie Valley
Additional information:

Please note the ANSWER from DPER regarding property issues:
24._The quarry operator shall be responsible for any damage to nearby properties, including domestic water supply wells, attributable to blasting on the subject property. Claims for any such damage shall be the responsibility of the affected property owner and the quarry operator to handle directly between themselves, but a failure of the quarry operator to respond in good faith to any such claim may be cause for denial of future grading permits, or prohibition or restriction upon future blasting.

The quarry mailing address is:
Raging River Quarry, LLC
3132 NE Harrison St.
Issaquah, WA 98029