Raging River Conservation Group
We are a conservation group working to preserve and protect the Raging River and its watershed.

The Raging River is about 12 miles long and its basin covers about 32 square miles. About 74% of the basin is zoned forestry. It includes more than 4,000 acres of protected Natural Resource land along its headwaters and has more than 5 tributaries.

The Raging River is one of the most important rivers for Chinook salmon and Steelhead recovery and has been a priority for King County and environmental groups for a long time.

The current biggest threat to the watershed is a quarry located on the Preston-Fall City Road.

This threat is both the reopening of the existing quarry in 2015 and a proposed expansion of 26 additional acres. Possible impacts include:

  • Removal of existing forest and vegetation on the hillside above the Raging River.
  • Unknown risks to endangered Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Trout.
  • Increased noise, dust, truck traffic and consequences of blasting.
Upcoming Events
  • April 12, 2017: King County Town Hall/Open House: at Chief Kanim Middle School
  • King County's Noxious Weed Seminar: May 2017 - Details
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SEPA Checklist issue - November 18, 2016

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