Raging River Conservation Group

To file a complaint

The Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER) depends on the public to notify them with complaints and issues. They have limited ability to catch issues since the quarry will be on its best behavior when a DPER official or other agents is present.

To file a complaint, we suggest you email the following people:

1. Puget Sound Clean Air Agency - best way to file a complaint is ONLINE. Online complaints go DIRECTLY to an inspector. If they are nearby, they will investigate while the issue is happening.

2. Person to contact regarding the permit expansion at the Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER): Fereshteh Dehkordi fereshteh.dehkordi@kingcounty.gov
Project Manager, DPER - Resource Product Line

3. Person in charge of assuring that the current quarry operates within code regulations at the Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER):
Joe Barto Joe.Barto@kingcounty.gov
Please note: Fred White retired as of January 3, 2017

4. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) will investigate all complaints when individuals electronically file a Hazardous Condition Complaint. Complaints may also be filed by calling 1-800-746-1553, and they are anonymously reported.

Use this link to file a complaint (examples - dust after blasting, take pictures if possible, date and time stamp your photos if possible)

The mine ID is: 4502195

5. Kathy Lambert, King County Councilperson kathy.lambert@kingcounty.gov
It is very important that we let our King County Councilperson know that we are very concerned about the issues raised by the current quarry and their ability to maintain operations within current code ordinances as well as what this could mean should the quarry be allowed to expand.

5. Please copy us in on your compaints (it is helpful for us to keep track of the ongoing issues:

Please provide as much proof as possible with your observations. DPER will listen to our phone calls and read our e-mail and that is sometimes enough for them to go to the quarry to confirm our observations. However for DPER to avoid a lawsuit by the quarry owner, they need proof. Proof can take many forms, but the better the proof, the more likely they will believe us and take action.

Examples include:

Noise: Anyone with a smart phone can load a noise meter and take measurements of the noise. The application Decibel 10 or Sound Meter are free and can be used. These applications measure the average, minimum and peak noise values in db. If you make a measurement, note the time, date, location and the average, minimum and peak noise values in db. The noise must be less than 57 db.

Photo or Video: Please take a photo or video of any issues. Please note the time, date, location and a brief description of your concern.